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Welcome to the New Earth: Light is Winning!

Updated: May 2, 2021

There's extremes right now of darkness and light. Old energy vs. new energy. Good vs. Bad. What will you choose? Who will you be?

We're in a time and energy that we've never witnessed. Our media is so biased and not representative of the shifts and changes made. It's conscience choice to change the energy, to stop choosing to watch that which makes you mad, sad or stressed out. You can accept that reality.... or entertain that our energy and Earth has changed to something we've never seen before.

As an old soul, I know we're in remarkable times and witnessing a shift.... the shift needed to give people hope, the ability to use their gifts without judgement. To look past politics, religion and media.... to accept we're all humans and in this experience together. We can open our mind and hearts to a new ways of healing ourselves. We can look at our reality with joy and happiness OR you can try to stay in the old energy.... which will go away entirely; it's just a matter of time. Whatever the concept of time is....

Welcome to the new Earth.... Where we can focus on our inner child and have joy in our lives and remove ourselves from any and all drama. Don't allow the poison and spinning family drama to get to you any longer old souls. Those who feel as though they've been the "black sheep" of the family, will realize they are the peaceful white sheep, who don't entertain or drink the poison anymore. No one knows what the future will hold.... I can say confidently, the light is defeating darkness!

God bless,



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