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Liquid Bubbles

Custom Abstract Art

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Amber Chanell is an Abstract Artist & Painter based in Wisconsin.

Amber uses acrylic and oil paint to create custom intuitive frequency paintings; this makes her an exciting Artist with a distinctive technique and style. Her ability to create a custom piece for you, can tell many different stories. Amber's abstract paintings are a refection of her personal thoughts, emotions, struggles, and triumphs. 


Interested in a custom abstract frequency painting?
Contact for more information. You may pick the size of the canvas and colors. 


Thanks! We will send you a price quote shortly.


"Absolutely delighted with our piece from Amber! She was fantastic and I would refer her to anyone that I know. 

Regina Crolly - USA

"I truly enjoy Ambers’ artwork and appreciate the depth of her artistic talents. The original that I have the pleasure of having in my home is pictured on this site. . Amber has orchestrated color composition and visual order to create a dynamic, yet intensely personal painting.”

Marcus Lathun - U.K.

"My painting by Amber is full of energy and excitement. All of her paintings have so much to look at - within each abstractions is a little clue or figure that gives you a tiny glimpse into the mind of her as an artist. Her work has been a great conversation starter with all my guests! Keep it up, Amber!”

Lara Vallee - USA

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