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Custom Abstract Art

Custom abstract painting by Amber Chanell

Amber Chanell is an Abstract Artist & Painter from Iowa.

Amber uses acrylic and oil paint to create custom intuitive frequency paintings; this makes her an exciting Artist with a distinctive technique and style. Her ability to create a custom piece for you, can tell many different stories. Amber's abstract paintings are a refection of her personal thoughts, emotions, struggles, and triumphs. 

Custom abstract painting by Amber Chanell
Custom abstract painting by Amber Chanell
Custom abstract painting by Amber Chanell
Custom abstract painting by Amber Chanell

Interested in a custom abstract frequency painting?
Contact for more information. You may pick the size of the canvas and colors. 


Thanks! We will send you a price quote shortly.


"Absolutely delighted with our piece from Amber! She was fantastic and I would refer her to anyone that I know. 

Regina Crolly - USA

"I truly enjoy Ambers’ artwork and appreciate the depth of her artistic talents. The original that I have the pleasure of having in my home is pictured on this site. . Amber has orchestrated color composition and visual order to create a dynamic, yet intensely personal painting.”

Marcus Lathun - U.K.

"My painting by Amber is full of energy and excitement. All of her paintings have so much to look at - within each abstractions is a little clue or figure that gives you a tiny glimpse into the mind of her as an artist. Her work has been a great conversation starter with all my guests! Keep it up, Amber!”

Lara Vallee - USA

Payment Plans I want to make my paintings accessible for everyone and now offering an interest free payment plan option. Reserve your painting for guaranteed ownership and pay for it in managable monthly installments for up to 6 months. Once the full amount is paid in full the artwork is yours. Contact me for more information.

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