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"The Way of the Wayshower"

Distinguishing factors defined us in this existence. Protection being the upmost. To be and feel protected, whether of the brain, heart or soul is an element unlike no other, we can't let circumstances define us in this reality. Reality is just an illusionary process for which we must be present to experience. Life is a but a dream. We can live either a dream or a nightmare. Do you want to keep the 3D matrix? if so, just say "I have all the elements in my possession, I would like to use them with honor to grant the light to immerse my mind, body and soul." no more distortion of the kaleidoscope, embrace the new and out with the old. Create a new impression, of which to be proud and have it look how you want. Don't let anyone dim your light. Don't allow darkness in where there is light, let it shine. Be not afraid of the night, for your protected. You possess the weapons to stop the biggest evil you need to look at yourself through the lens of what other see you as... your past doesn't define you. You define you. You will always glow, like the aura around you. Don't quit now have the Buddha mind. - namaste 🙏. Sending out light and love! Amber Chanell 🌟


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