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Like a Snowflake... the Spiderweb is Unique

It takes a lot of work to build a spiderweb... one that can look so beautiful, if you're fully present and can see right through it... no spiderweb is spun the same way. We can get so caught up in our head and technology that we continue to go over and over, repeating the same patterns; making it too thick for us to get out. If we choose to climb through to get out of the web that we created, it will take a lot of work to come out of to not destroy... with the right amount of time, patience and intricate work, it can be done.

Remember the spiderwebs strength... you have this same inner strength! It may feel like your web is broken at times... You may even be scared to make the web worse for yourself; you must always remember that the spiderweb can be repaired time and time again.

Sending light and strength!



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