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Life is Frequency

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

When I look back at my life, there was such a path of black and white, planning years ahead and focusing on what was in the past. Too worried what others thought versus what made my soul happy. It wasn’t until recent months where my power of consciousness is in the now. Living a life of higher frequencies in the present, you will notice direct signs and how great our human experience is… we’re guided along our journey if we pay attention and follow the green lights. By doing so, we will notice synchrony in signs and our guides will lead us to our lives purpose. The importance of raising our frequency and vibrations, will create a magical shift in our attitude and what we attract. By becoming your best self, you will create a ripple effect and that can help others, and in turn help all of humanity. If you don’t feel you’re in the present fully. Look at the people you spend the most time with… recognize their energies. Do their energies serve you? If they don’t serve you, let go of the negative and lower energies, to attract what you deserve. By cutting out toxic, low-vibration people from your life, you can focus on the positives! It is important to realize everything has energy to it, not just certain things. Our thoughts have vibrations too, we can change our frequency by re-framing our awareness into something more positive and of a higher vibration. It’s important to notice your frequency and if its attracting what you want in your reality. What you give out, you will receive in return. Our consciousness is the way we think, our attitude and perspective on our thoughts that we process. If you’re not on the same frequency of what you’re longing for, you will not have a match, it will not attract. Remember to have fun in this life! Let your inner child be free to explore, be creative and to appreciate the little things in life. Love is a high frequency and fear is low frequency. Do new things, be open-minded and create a peaceful and loving environment and you will see your life change before your eyes. Sending love and light! Amber


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