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Discover the transformative power of abstract art by Amber Chanell. Each piece is a unique one-of-a-kind creation, capturing the essence of emotions and experiences. Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors and intricate details of our paintings and wall prints. Let our art inspire and uplift your soul.

About Tri Anew Frequency, LLC


Tri Anew Frequency, LLC  was founded after Amber Chanell had a huge spiritual awakening. Amber's high energy is felt by everyone that she connects with and she has found it her life's purpose to help as many humans and fur babies along their journey and to empower others to use their intuitive and creative gifts. She wants to help others challenge old ways of thinking and to see things outside of the "box" in this human experience.

Tri Anew Frequency, LLC has earned its positive reputation because Amber is compassionate and giving of her time and gifts. Amber is an Abstract Artist, Certified Spiritual & Intuitive Healer, Law of Attraction Life Coach and Podcaster. Tri Anew Frequency, LLC's mission is to inspire and help others to awaken to their own power through creativity; to heal their mind, body and spirit.

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