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What % of the show do you want to write?

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

I wonder.... if some people were given the parents they were, as a game, of which to escape. To which then we choose to accept them or to find our true parents and identity.

It would make no sense to have someone never meet their biological parents; unless they were strong enough and gifted enough to handle the water alone.

If only humans would realize they can come back to this experience; they may not choose to try to force their kids to live out their dreams and to be willing to wait until the next train to fulfill that purpose.

What is family? As we're all interconnected, I find it important that we continually learn from others and allow the people we connect most with to be our family. Those who allow us to be, without expectations and greed.

The experience of life is not as easy, as even when we feel we have all the answers; there are so many things unknown. The unknown can be scary but it can also be fun. Being open to the synchronicities and truth allows you to play this "game" fully to enjoy it. As much as no one wants to wait for "the answers", it truly does come to us at the most divine times, of which we're to figure out. The rush in this experience to marry and have kids; has caused the process to crumble. Forcing the important events in life, will not make them be or someone happy. A true connection, would allow the ability to not need all the "show" items. The true connection can be there whether the "show" is on or off.

If all is a grand "show", how will your story play out? Who will write your story and who will play the characters in your story? The goal should be to have the best experience possible, whatever that looks like; so make sure to choose wisely.

Sending love and strength.



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